Design: 2012

Client: SOHO DEVELOPMENT Home & More,, 03-808 Warszawa, ul. Mińska 25

Location: Soho Factory, 25 Mińska Warszawa

Cooperation: Konkret Architekci


Konkret Architekci: Piotr Puścikowski, Piotr Zmarzłowski, Małgorzata Majzel, Dominika Tomaszewska, Małgorzata Lewandowska

WWAA: Marcin Mostafa, Natalia Paszkowska, Boris Kudlička, Michał Kielian, Michał Głowienka

Tetris, similarly to Camion Kross, is supposed to be a part of the ‘architectural park’ located at the area known as Soho Factory. The newly designed apartments, each representing a different functional and formal idea, are incorporated into a revitalized post-industrial district mainly intended for various artistic activities.The C-shaped building faces south to let as much light as possible to the apartments. The shape formed by sloping flight of stairs is not only a result of the vicinity of other housing estates that cannot be shaded but also is an attempt to bring together two adjacent buildings: 38-meter office building on one side and 2-storey post-industrial warehouse on the other.This way the formed block imposes a specific typology of pile-up houses in a dense living area. As a result, the apartments located on higher floors, with some of them being 2-level, have access to spatial terraces built on roofs of the lower floors. Disintegration of the scale of this monolith is also visible in the elevation of the building and the way it is divided.