Exhibition in Kordegarda Gallery


Design and construction: 2011

Client: National Centre for Culture, Warsaw, Poland

Location: Kordegarda Gallery, Krakowskie Przedmiescie, Warsaw, Poland

Team: Marcin Mostafa, Natalia Paszkowska, Maciej Burdalski, Aleksandra Andrzejewska

Photos: Jakub Certowicz

The exhibition in Kordegarda Gallery – ‘Investments in Culture,’ displayed 35 investments, which were realized due to financial support of European Union. According to previous assumptions for re-using our ‘THE WREATH’ installation we suggested ‘recycling’ of designed images and techniques of their application, but in an entirely new form – mainly due to the place context, namely the historicizing interior of Kordegarda ( Guardhouse). The formal history of hanging stripes is similar to the previous design, but is adapted to new technical conditions and climate of the place.

The stripes of white printing mesh, with multicoloured imprint, are hung from the existing strip system. A small weight of the material allowed for creating the structure of dense and monolithic character but soft at the same time and filtered by the lights mounted on the existing strip system. A passer-by’s attention will be drawn by a new, strange object filling up the interior of Kordegarda, the object levitating above the floor on the one side, on the other illuminated from the inside, soft and multilayered.

The shape of the object is reminiscent of the vault of the Museum of Modern Art. On entering the gallery the visitors will first discover the graphics imprinted on the stripes, then the space inside, formed by the reflection of the object in mirror-glass panels mounted on the wall ( and a complete vault made visible in this way). Physical models of investment projects are displayed in the central point of the exhibition. The reflection on the wall shows, in a symbolic way, an infinite number of further conceptions and a possibility of effectuating ever newer investments.