Guercino. Triumph of baroque exhibition


Design and construction: 2013

Client: National Museum in Warsaw

Location: National Museum,  Aleje Jerozolimskie 3, Warszawa

Team: Boris Kudlička, Marcin Mostafa, Natalia Paszkowska, Jolanta Szybiak, Wojciech Cichecki

Photos: Monika Bajkowska

Italian baroque and the dynamism hidden beneath the surface of Guercino’s paintings – the master of foreshortenings, emotions and feelings – gave the inspiration to the main concept of the exhibition design. The setting’s leitmotiv derives from the main concepts of the 17th century art such as illusion and its coinherence with reality, mirror images, rich and deep colours, strong contrasts of light and shadow, dynamism. The exposition also considers the individual oeuvre of the artist hence the arrangement of the works of art that brings rather new and contemporary interpretation of Guercino’s paintings.

Since the concept creation the scenario has an outlined visitor route. Hence the culminating point of the entire exhibition is only one painting. All elements that could distract visitors’ focus were removed. Guercino’s artistry – the master of light and shadow – inspired the way the painting is displayed. 

“The Arcadian Shepherds” – “Et in Arcadia ego” – the real pearl and the masterpiece with an extraordinary dramatic power is a part of the Barberini collection in Rome and is the exhibition’s focal point.The exposition’s concept introduces discipline behind the design and its vision. The stage design style is consistent and includes repetitive, almost alike, however slightly different architectural motives. There is also an element of surprise, baroque but very contemporary concetto – unexpected elements, foreshadowing uniqueness and timelessness of this extraordinary Italian baroque master.