Witold Pilecki’s Mission in Auschwitz – the concept of a mobile exhibition

Design: 2019

Investor: Instytut Pileckiego

Design team: Natalia Paszkowska, Marcin Mostafa, Ryszard Rychlicki, Krzysztof Mazanek

A central theme of the exhibition is the history of Witold Pilecki’s mission in Auschwitz.
Due to the lack of any detailed parameters of exposition venues – as it is to be presented in a number of different places abroad, it has been decided to divide the exhibition into independent modules depicting different periods of Pilecki’s life:
1. opre-war period, family life,
2. Auschwitz, the stages of camp mission, Warsaw -to- London report,
3. post-war period and today’s meaning of the mission.

Modular expositors designed as lightweight, openwork structures with fabric stretched upon them, allow for a flexible arrangement of the exposition depending on the characteristics of a given venue. The assembly of the modules is the very simple and comparatively small size of folded up elements facilitates their transport.

The museum exhibits and artefacts from Pilecki’s apartment are to be presented on especially
designed exhibition tables, protected with glass domes and glass display cases.


The mood of the exhibition is created through a subtle game of its lighting getting out from the depth of translucent modules. Particular colours guide a visitor through different stages of Pilecki’s life:
– warm light – pre-war period, family life,
– cold light – stay in the camp,
– red-pink light – post-war fate.