Vertical Village is the answer for a dream about collecting atmospheres from each continents in one, outstanding multicultural skyscraper.

The project is special because of its 8 public spaces: 4 urban squares and 4 gardens. Together, green and city space, represent character of one part of the world. We decided to emphasize 4 regions. Every region is expressed by typical materials, shapes, proportions and even regional food characteristic i.e. for Europe, Asia, Africa or Americas.

Visitors can choose between two ways of exploring the tower. They can use one of elevators, which are situated in four communication cores, or they can travel in more spectacular way. – We designed a cable car which follows the spiral shape of the skyscraper and brings visitors to the top platform.

The main function of building, except public and commercial spaces, is a luxury housing. Project provides variety of apartments, in whole range of sizes. All apartments are double-sided which means that they have stunning panoramic view of the city and of one of the public squares. This configuration ensures that life in the vertical village has to be exciting.