Design: 2009

Client: private

Location: Wisła

Team: Marcin Mostafa, Natalia Paszkowska, Iwona Borkowska, Maciej Burdalski


The housing development project in Wisła is dedicated to those who dream of aquiring their own flat in the mountains. The most important assumption of this design was providing each flat with a view of the mountains, an abundance of daylight and a spacious balcony. Having analysed many land development sytems to be applicable in the given location we decided to concentrate on terrace housing system, with inner streets, which allows for maximum exploitation of the site area, simultanously supplying a lot of privacy and open-air space to its inhabitants.

In order to avoid a serious interference into the local landscape we designed the shape of the building’s exterior which will adapt to the sloping site. Due to the terrace system a building never reaches higher than two storeys above the area level. The system also allowed for eliminating staircases, which significantly increases floor area of apartments. Single modules can be combined into bigger split-level flats.