Kamion Cross


Design: 2012

Construction: 2014

Size: 8700

Client: SOHO DEVELOPMENT Home & More

Location: Soho Factory, Mińska 25, Warsaw

Colaboration: Konkret Architekci

Design Team: 

Konkret Architekci: Piotr Puścikowski, Piotr ZmarzłowskiMałgorzata Majzel, Dominika Tomaszewska, Małgorzata Lewandowska, Wojciech Kluk

WWAA: Marcin Mostafa, Natalia Paszkowska, Michał Kielian, Michał Bartnicki, Ewelina Mrozek, Magdalena Osiniak, Patrycja Arasim, Wiktoria Ginter

Foto documentation: Daniel Chrobak 


Kamion Cross is the second building under construction within the Soho Factory complex. The leitmotiv and the characteristic of the second building constructed in the Soho area is space – external and common. Those two elements have always been an area for an unfettered expression of residents. Anonymous balconies gained an individual character by decorative style of barriers or the existance of garden furniture. The idea behind the concept of the design is an attempt to set some boundaries for the uncontrolled actions by introducing a series of balcony accessories. Seater sets, tables, plant pots, bird feeders – they all complement surrounding the building barriers and transform into an ornamrnt giving a facade a distinctive character.

The construction of the balconies and their tapezoidal brackets give some dynamism to the static building but also, and most importantly, they create an external space that lets more light into the apartments located below.