An exploratory project for the Mercedes brand, in which architecture, art and technology come together as one. The main topic of the project was the mobility and quality of urban life.

How do we provide a tailor-made urban lifestyle model in a creative fashion?

We believe that there is more than one solution, so we decided to depict the project by telling 5 unique stories, in which we introduced new ways of living – all based on the idea of easy access and mobility in the city.

It was a challenge in terms of design – to capture the context of the city, the prognosis of its rapid development and dynamic spreading of urbanised areas.

In this notion, we densified the city instead of building it further around. We encouraged the usage and sharing of new ways of life, enabling efficient movement in the city.

We were interested in searching for fresh, unconventional ways of living inside the obsolete frames of ordinary spaces. We based our ideas on the densification of the architectural tissue and on contributing jointly to the living spaces – both on the car and the house level.

Responding to the needs of the project, we designed an application allowing its users to individually explore the potential embedded in the city and to create their own models of living.