Breakfast Television Studio Premiere

The concept behind the new studio set design was worked out by WWAA team represented by Natalia Paszkowska, Marcin Mostafa, Boris Kudlicka and Grzegorz Makarewicz.

According to our conception the new studio set is to become a natural extention of a home space of the viewers. A morning show, due to its broadcasting time and the range of presented topics, creates favourable conditions for forming a more intimate bond between a viewer and a content offered by a show. We have approached an idea of a home TV set as a window open to the world of multiple problems, topics and histories touched upon by visitors invited to the studio. Therefore the work on arriving at the proper atmosphere of the studio set, on obtaining an aura of everyday life familiarity, with simultanous retaining a modern character of the set, became a prevailing element of the design process. We chose as our starting point the heritage of the Polish industrial design of the 1970s, the solutions and materials commonly used then, such as wood, glass or plywood. Structural openwork, modularity of the set design as well as sectioning off into clear functional zones of the studio space, are all meant to create an impression, if only an unconscious one, that while watching a morning Breafast Show we invite the guests to our living room, a porch or a kitchen – says Natalia Paszkowska.