Reception in the Opera Foyer

Design and construction: 2011

Client: the Grand Theatre – National Opera in Warsaw

Location: Theatre Square, Warsaw

Team: Marcin Mostafa, Natalia Paszkowska, Boris Kudlička, Iwona Borkowska, Alicja Woźniak, Ewelina Mrozek

Photos: Jakub Certowicz

The context of the place determined the way the artist reception in the Grand Theatre – National Opera in Warsaw interferes with the interior. The forms designed by Bohdan Pniewski are reinterpreted by the use of different material or by their new function and form a connection between the newly created implants and the existing elements. The pattern on the marble cladding was reconstructed using different material and a functional wall in the cloak-room was created. Folding steel hangers against wooden wall as well as the lighting against the ceiling imitate the rhythm of the stone cracks.