Prague Quadrennial 2011


Design: 2010

Construction: 2011

Client: Prague Quadrennial

Location: Veletrzni Palace, Praque, Czech Republic

Team: Boris Kudlička, Marcin Mostafa, Natalia Paszkowska, Ligia Krajewska, Agata Woźniczka

Photos: Jakub Certowicz


A sketch is an initial phase of scenic design. It gives main impression on the project, shows the clue, indicates densities of the scenic design’s plans. We use sketches as an emphasis of the theme for Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space and make them three-dimensional. Surfaces made of drafts, technical as well as freehand, divide the Veletrzni Palace into functional zones, establish spatial hierarchies and, what is most important, redraw the building as an exhibition space. Using the technique of drawing, we create surfaces of different density and also some geometric figures in space. That way it’s possible to emphasize the artificiality of our spatial arrangement for PQ 2011 and its temporary character.

The surfaces of freehand sketches that make walls, screens, lounge zones or even furniture, are made of rubber cables differently braided or something that resembles it, according to their position in space. The line can be made of cable, expander or stickcer. The PQ design is drawn with a continuous line that is changing its style due to the character of space it wants to evoke in the Veletrzni Palace. The line of the electric cable starts before the building, continues throughout the Palace just to end on the rooftop, at the PQ sky bar.

The atmosphere of PQ 2011 is visible from the start- the ticket pavilion is where the line starts, where it begins creating the exhibition space. Then the line goes through corridors’ floor, walls and ceilings, sometimes in ordered way, sometimes it is absolutely spontaneous. The line leads us through successive zones with of curtains.

In the exhibition area ‘the line’ is shy, and discretely flits through the middle of halls. The interference is delicate, almost invisible in the exhibition space laden with different forms, volumes and colours. On the contrary, so visually strong and obtrusive is the wired cloud in a high hall near the gallery entrance. It appeals heavy, but when observed from the balconies, surprisingly enlightens.


In another zone of Veletrzni Palace ‘the line’ creates ordered structure under the ceiling that might be the smoke rising above lounge area. One of branches goes to the video lounge, where wrapes along walls making cocoon – audience. For the staircase we use black label to show how the line with a stairway motif modifies the staircase’s volume.Up on the last floor, we astonish the audience with a folding shape of PQ auditorium. Wire lines overlap themselves, giving the curtain different densities from different perspectives.

The line ends up in the terrace, wrapped around the barrels that serve as a sky bar and its seats. It intensifies once more in the sign ‘love’ to vanish in the sky.