Design and construction: 2012

Client: Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

Location: Emilia Pavilion, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, 3 Pańska Street

Team: Marcin Mostafa, Natalia Paszkowska, Boris Kudlička, Michał Bartnicki

Photos: Jakub Certowicz, Bartosz Stawiarski


The fourth edition of the „Warsaw under construction” festival initiates the Museum of Modern Art move to its new location in the former furniture store “Emilia”. This year’s theme – outdoor advertising – is the first public exhibition inviting wider audience to explore the Museum’s new space. The main idea behind the project was to create an advert of the festival that can be easily seen from the street. Due to its size the exhibition tries to establish a rapport with the existing Warsaw outdoor. “Emilia” will not be, however, covered with any large-format print but its glazed elevation will illuminate with lights just like 40 years ago.

WWB sign will be formed by the exhibition elements arranged in a specific way. Some of them will be moved away from the front elevation hence the sign will be visible only at a certain angle. Because its existence is not obvious it will require some attention and finding this right perspective to fully capture the symbol.

Two elements influenced the spatial arrangements of the exhibition: the descriptive geometry that forms the WWB sign and the content of the presented materials. The simple plywood blocks spread around the exhibition space don’t interfere with the building’s architecture. The interior constitutes a main focal point as it was thoroughly cleaned, scrubbed off and painted. The way the prints, historical photographs, signboards, neons, models, and videos are displayed is very diverse to make sure visiting the 2000m2 of the exhibition space is an exciting experience.