The extension of primary school in Nadma 

Design: 2018 – 2019

Usable area: 4 400 m2

Design team: Marcin Mostafa, Natalia Paszkowska, Michał Kielian, Krzysztof Mazanek, Ryszard Rychlicki, Agnieszka Kacprzak, Katarzyna Jarmołowska

Following the extension, the school in Nadma will become a multifunctional education centre for students and also an activity centre for a local community.

The extension will result in supplementing the primary school with a sports hall, a fire station building for the Volunteer Fire Department and Educational and a Cultural Center. The particular functions will be interconnected into a uniform, consistent whole by the implementation of thematic atria thus enabling a free flow between different spaces.

The atrium between the community centre and primary school will become a public square, connecting two buildings into a codependent system. Inside the school, there are two additional atria which expand the space dedicated to spending leisure time: a recreational atrium at the communication area and a ‘green’ one on the grass next to the cafeteria and behind the school club. Due to diversified forms of courts, users of the school in Nadma have the option of choosing a space that suits them the best.

The school building includes multifunctional and flexible spaces, i.a, classrooms designed on a square plan, which allows for adjusting them to their users’ different needs. In order to guarantee students and teachers perfect working conditions, the classrooms are provided with very good lighting from two sources, windows in the elevation and skylights in the roof. The latter adds up to the unique character of the building’s architecture.

Mobile walls allow for connecting the rooms into bigger ones or, by opening the walls between atria, for creating an additional, bigger space to be used for school or local community events. The flexibility and adaptability of applied construction perfectly meet the needs of multifunctional uses of the building. The existing building and the additions to the premises will be interconnected with the roofing running around the building, along main communication routes.