Rebel One awarded in the XXL Polish Architecture Poll

XXL Polish Architecture Poll has been organized since 2008. This year three categories were considered- architecture, interior design and landscaping. As a complex review of the Polish architects’ achievements the Poll covered a few thousand of projects which were presented and discussed by such vortals as: , i
According to the jury: „Rebel One building, towering over the whole quarter, has been designed to combine in its structure the features of an industrial architecture and the demands of a contemporary housing industry.
A twelve-storey-edifice stands out with its colour scheme, carefully selected finishing materials and original dividings of the elevation.
This is a space which combines the function of a palm house with its collection of exotic plants with that of Belvedere Restaurant which within the last few years has become its integral part. The foyer and cloakroom area is decorated with huge mirror panes and thin panels of pressed different exotic tree bark covering the walls.

Thank you for rewarding us!